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Rhenus Office Systems is one of the leading specialists for holistic document as well as information logistics. The core competences of the company can be found in the provision of mailroom, digitalisation, archiving, personnel supply services, document destruction and file saving.

Its affiliate Rhenus Data Office GmbH is focused on the fields of document destruction and file saving. The file saving services support customers whose files are damaged by water, or even worse, are afflicted with mould or bacteria. In this case, problems occur concerning the adherence of retention periods, the suitability for the daily handling or health risks for the workforce that gets in contact with these files. In this context, Rhenus offers the salvage of the damaged material, the immediate freeze-drying, the gamma irradiation to kill the existing bacteria on the documents and the manual subsequent cleaning before the rescued material can be stocked back in your or a Rhenus security archive by our workers.

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Rhenus Data Office GmbH
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