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X-Ray Irradiation

If documents are to be saved from destruction by mould, prevention of further fungal growth is a must

A very effective mould growth inhibition method used by Rhenus is X-ray irradiation, whereby the microorganisms present in contaminated documents are destroyed by means of electronically-generated X-rays. The minimum irradiation dose required to inhibit mould proliferation is determined on a case-by-case basis drawing on experience. Since X-rays do not cause radioactive contamination, the documents will be absolutely residue-free after the X-ray treatment.

Successful treatment will be ascertained by means of a microbiological investigation evidencing the documents‘ restored safety.

And what else is there? – Further services by Rhenus!

Rhenus is your expert partner in all matters pertaining to document logistics: With our holistic, single-source approach, we take care of documents throughout their entire lifespan, from the moment of a document’s inception to its ultimate destruction. One of our core strengths lies in our comprehensive portfolio that extends far beyond the conventional range of logistics services. Rhenus supports clients in all eventualities and thus even in case of emergency: In order to help them comply with document preservation rules and protect their intangible corporate assets (e.g. information) in adverse circumstances, Rhenus Data Office GmbH also offers document salvage as a unique full-service concept. So whatever your need may be, Rhenus will come rushing to your side!

Our range of complementary services includes:

  • Flash-freezing of documents and intermediate frozen storage to prevent ensuing damage
  • Manual cleaning of documents by means of dedicated industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with Class H filters suitable for the removal of destroyed microorganisms
  • Neutralisation of unpleasant odours (e.g. emanating from burst sewage pipes)
  • Development of emergency concepts with clearly defined recommendations for action in an emergency
  • Destruction of contaminated archive materials in a closed-loop destruction process conforming to the relevant provisions in terms of industrial safety and data protection in accordance with DIN 66399 dealing with the destruction of carriers of data/information
  • Archiving of documents in a Rhenus security archive subsequently to document salvage, or intermediate security storage until your archive rooms have been restored and are available again.

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