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Your contact (Mo-Fr 08h00-16h00): Phone +49 (0)2509 89-89 · E-mail: aktenrettung@de.rhenus.com

Document Saving & Restoration: Your point of call

  • Call our hotline: +49 (0)2509 89-89 (Mo-Fr 8h00-16h00)
  • Send us an e-mail: aktenrettung@de.rhenus.com

    We'll be happy to provide information for immediate action and further proceedings.

Document saving - flexible and versatile

A modular process to match your requirements

Based on our modular process organisation, we can match individual process phases to your specific requirements.

Collation and Collection

After we receive your go-ahead, specially-trained employees will collate your archive materials in-situ and in close collaboration with your representative(s). Any documents earmarked for saving and restoration are then packed and palletised, ready for transport.

Nach Auftragserteilung erfassen unsere Mitarbeiter Ihr Material in Zusammenarbeit mit Ihren Beauftragten direkt vor Ort. Zu rettende Unterlagen werden in der Aktenbergung verpackt und palettiert.

Secure document transport

Using box-body trucks from our own fleet, we shall then transport your documents to our restoration facility.


At our secure facility, your documents are then quick-frozen at -20° centigrade.


Using specialised vacuum chambers, we gently remove any humidity (now in crystalline, "ice", form) directly from your documents by sublimation.

Radiation treatment

After completion of the freeze-drying process, we shall then subject your documents to high-power X radiation to remove any germs and spores.

Micro-biological analysis

Depending on your requirements, we can submit your documents to micro-biological analysis before, during and/or after the process.

Manual cleaning

After concluding the X-ray radiation treatment, our employees manually clean your documents in our secluded clean-room area.

Odour neutralisation

For heavily-contaminated material, we offer an optional odour neutralisation treatment.


As part of the manual cleaning process, we can directly digitise your documents using high-performance scanners.

Return transport of documents

After the restoration process is finished, we shall return your documents to your chosen archive facility or a secure Rhenus archive.

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