Our locations

Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Your contact (Mo-Fr 08h00-16h00): Phone +49 (0)2509 89-89 · E-mail: aktenrettung@de.rhenus.com

Document Saving & Restoration: Your point of call

  • Call our hotline: +49 (0)2509 89-89 (Mo-Fr 8h00-16h00)
  • Send us an e-mail: aktenrettung@de.rhenus.com

    We'll be happy to provide information for immediate action and further proceedings.

Document digitisation

As part of the cleaning process, we offer direct digitisation of your documents.

For this, we use specialised scanning equipment which allows for efficient batch scanning as well as large-format documents, e.g. building plans.

  • For transfer of the digitised documents, we use encrypted hard drives handed over in person to your representatives.
  • Following the go-ahead by your quality assurance, any local copies are immediately and securely deleted.
  • This is a comfortable options to ensure access to your information, while the physical files can be securely stored in a climate-controlled archive facility to prevent repeat contamination. Rhenus Archive Systems offers a comprehensive service for this which we will be happy to arrange as part of your service package.

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