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Document collation and system mapping

Swift action makes all the difference

Mould cannot only quickly destroy documents, but its spores also pose a serious health risk to persons working in or otherwise exposed to mould-contaminated environments.

In order to prevent these health hazards, Rhenus requires all staff involved in file saving to undergo preventive occupational health check-ups in conformity with the principles published by the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association, i.e. in this case in compliance with principles G23 (check for obstructive disorders of the respiratory tract / specific bronchial hypersensitivity), G24 (check for skin diseases other than skin cancer) and G26 (check for physical fitness for wearing respiratory protection devices (breathing apparatuses). In addition, each employee is properly trained and instructed with regard to the statutory requirements in the fields of industrial safety and data protection. All of these measures are implemented in accordance with a meticulously detailed corporate safety and security brief as well as with an extensive skin protection and hygiene plan.

Taking into account both the hazard potential involved and the local conditions on site, Rhenus professionals are provided with the personal protective equipment most appropriate to each situation.

If you entrust Rhenus with your case, you will see what you get and get what you see: Document collation will always be conducted in close consultation with your archive management team. In this way, you can rest assured that the filing system in place in your archive will be preserved throughout the entire document recovery process.

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