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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Your contact (Mo-Fr 08h00-16h00): Phone +49 (0)2509 89-89 · E-mail: aktenrettung@de.rhenus.com

Document Saving & Restoration: Your point of call

  • Call our hotline: +49 (0)2509 89-89 (Mo-Fr 8h00-16h00)
  • Send us an e-mail: aktenrettung@de.rhenus.com

    We'll be happy to provide information for immediate action and further proceedings.

Manual file and document cleaning

Following the X-ray radiation treatment, our employees manually clean your documents at our secure facility in Nottuln/Germany.

  • Utilisation of specialised tools and state-of-the-art evacuation systems to remove dust and residue
  • Standard service: cleaning of outside faces
  • Optional service: intensive cleaning of each individual page
  • If necessary, replacement of damaged folders
  • Optional service: direct, in-house digitising service or, for large amounts of documents, batch digitisation by a specialised Rhenus unit

These steps are conducted in our secluded clean-room area:

Gentle cleaning

To clean your documents and prevent damage to delicate items, we use special cleaning brushes and latex sponges that allow for gentle removal of any dust and micro-biological residue without damage to the carrier material.

Dust and residue evacuation

Using specialised, high-power evacuation equipment, any dust and residue can be safely removed and collected for proper disposal.


Regardless of cause - be it decay, fire or humidity, unpleasant odours quickly attach themselves to documents.

  • To combat this, Rhenus offers an optional odour neutralisation treatment using ozone technology to remove any unpleasant smells.
  • This is also available separately, but in most cases, unpleasant odours are indicative of material contamination, which should be treated thoroughly to prevent further damage.

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