File saving

Whether it’s due to flooding, pipe burst or firefighting activities – when water is leaking into an archive, swift and effective action is a prime necessity. This is all the more because water and subsequent mould growth are more than a casual acquaintance: Working as a destructive team, they can degrade documents and may thus cause important data to be irretrievably lost.

Every minute counts in such an emergency and only with the right partner at hand will it be possible to contain the disaster. By trusting in the expertise of Rhenus Data Office GmbH, you can be certain that your valuable documents will be speedily rescued when disaster strikes so that ensuing damage will be greatly minimized.

Rhenus only uses state-of-the-art methods that are tried and tested in practice. Wherever we intervene, we proceed as invasively as necessary and as gently as possible because we are well aware that rescuing documents from water does not mean “throwing the baby out with the water”, as it were. The methods we use include, for example, freeze-drying (ensuring gentle extraction of moisture) and gamma irradiation (ensuring reliable destruction of microorganisms).


We at Rhenus are prepared for any event and eventuality so that we can always respond to emergencies with our own vehicle fleet and staff, even in cases of major damage. Our 360-degree approach makes us a true full-service provider capable of taking all appropriate measures required to safeguard documents from damage.

In order not to leave clients in the lurch whatever the time and circumstance, Rhenus Data Office GmbH has established an emergency telephone line that can be reached around the clock, seven days a week: +49 2509 89 – 89.

It goes without saying that each step in our work process is carried out in full compliance with the relevant provisions pertaining to industrial safety and data protection law whilst also taking account of your specific need. In addition, Rhenus has a quality management system in place to ensure that all damage recovery processes will not only be absolutely transparent throughout, but also tamper-proof and thus audit-proof.

In a nutshell: If you contact Rhenus in an emergency situation, you can expect the whole range of services that may be required to protect your documents from damage. Whatever the challenge, Rhenus will stand for services of top-notch quality from one single source.

High security standards

„Without security man is neither able to develop his strengths nor to enjoy the fruits thereof; for there is no freedom without security” Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt

Regardless of the documents or data to be saved, we guarantee our customers the expertise of a leading service provider in the field of holistic document logistics acquired over the last 20 years. Already, we take the responsibility for more than ten billion documents from more than 15,000 clients across various industries.
In this respect, special attention is paid to your individual data protection requirements. Upon request, we can provide a draft of the contract for commissioned data processing (in accordance with §11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)) alongside our initial offer. In this draft you can find the list of technical and organizational measures we employ at our facilities to protect your information. The processes in our organization are regularly monitored and reviewed by a data protection officer and by external, accredited companies (e. g. ISO 9001:2008).
We are looking forward to hearing from you and present our security concept in detail.